Do you do Shellac?

Yes, we do all different brand of colour gel, these are including Shellac, OPI, Gelish etc. You can find it on colour gel service.

What if my question isn’t here?

Check the FAQ section of each type of treatment to see if it is there. If not, ring 01865779898 or 07459818441 and we’ll be happy to answer your question.

What Happens if I Miss an Appointment but Have Already Paid?

If you miss a pre-arranged appointment without notifying the nail bar at least 24hrs prior to the appointment, unfortunately we will take 10% service charge . The reason for missing appointments it means that someone who could potentially need treatment may be deprived of that option of treatment.

If you notify us 24 hours or more prior to your appointment we will return the order credits to your account.

How do I make an appointment after I’ve changed my mind?

You can cancel your appointment and book again, with no cancellation 24 hours before. Also when you go to the shop you can change to another service which costs the same amount, or you can pay the rest in the shop, but we can’t return the CocoCredit to your account. and cash only in the shop!

Can I refund my CocoCredit ?

Sorry, CocoCredit is non-refundable. Please consider carefully before you buy our Credit! but the credits have not time limit.

Can I make an appointment without paying online?

Yes, you also can make an appointment by telephone, but we only accept cash in the shop.

How do I use my coupon? Can I use the coupon codes in the shop?

The coupon codes work in our checkout system, so when you checkout you just need to copy the coupon codes to the coupon section, then you will receive your discount.

How do I book an appointment?

Once you need to join our member, and buy CocoCredit,  click on Services or booking a treatment, and then select the service you want. Click on the day you want to come in and the time, and as soon as you checkout, it’s booked on our end! Don’t worry, you’ll get an automatic email to confirm your booking.

How do I purchase your services, like Manicures and Acrylic Gel?

First, you’ll need to buy CocoCredit! Then you can use that CocoCredit on any of our services. You can see how much CocoCredit you have in your account by clicking on Members. It’s under the section Account Funds.